Descend is a narrative driven puzzle RPG about Faye, a 12 year old spell-casting explorer, excavating through great ruins dating back to bygone ages, filled with relics, hidden secrets, and most importantly: wealth in knowledge. Weave ancient spells and powers obtained through unearthing mysteries and obtaining obscure relics, giving Faye the power to control the very plants and animals that live within the ruins. All power, however, has a cost and Faye must either learn to control her spells or be overwhelmed by them.

Venture deep into the ruins reclaimed by lush forest, scorching deserts, enchanting fields and frozen lakes, testing your skill as you traverse the dynamic maze like structures. Overcome the trials that lie before you, and discover the colossal powers resting within the long forgotten gods that observe whomever may encroach upon their final resting place.

Recruit, train and develop relations with your roving clan mates as they help you uncover the ancient language of the ruins, empower your spellbook, and equip you for your excavation into the multi-layered structure.