Make way for Coro and Karo

Hundreds of years ago existed the Oresong, a people so rooted in mysticism and machines that even the gods watched them with great curiosity. It was said that Miagnos, the God of Nature, created them from the many bells that hung from his antlers. Every Oresong was given their own bell, and each bell chimed a unique song for the span of their life. When an Oresong died, their song fades into the next life, and the bell returns to Miagnos.



Miagnos favored Oresongs above other creations and gifted them items of power and cryptic language Miagnos used to control the earth. He gave them sigils and runes that when used together in the right order, allowed the complex manipulation of stone.


The Oresong studied the ancient language for years. Eventually, they learned the magic to control constructs and developed the runes. The constructs provided menial labor and could be commanded through basic somatic instructions, provided you understood the magic at hand.


While their main purpose was for basic work, adept spellcasters were able to take full control of the constructs and use them for more detailed functions, and through time they were used as anything from basic cleaners to elaborate jewelers. The constructs became a common sight in every household.

Hundreds of years passed since the Oresong disappeared, Obedient constructs still roamed the ancient halls waiting for the command of their masters. The people who settled in Hemonnet, the Glithule, called the small constructs Coroliths, and the larger variety Karoliths, Coro and Karo for short.

They search tirelessly for a key to control the constructs. The knowledge of the Oresong and their God Miagnos is thought to be lost from the ages, until Faye. Somehow, this young adventure has the gift to manipulate them. How did Faye acquire this skill and what else can she do? Help Faye to unravel the mysteries of the name of the place, and join the adventures in this descend


Meet Faye

Faye_concept art.jpg

‘Faye sneaks out of her camp before sun rise and quietly darts through the tents, being careful not to alert the posted guards.

She reaches the cliff peak that leads down towards the ruins just as the sun begins to rise, the warm morning light energizes her as she unwraps a stolen morsel of cheese. “No going back now…,” she thinks to herself as she begins her descent into the untamed ruins.‘


Faye was born into one of many nomadic clans. She has been living with her grandma and grandpa, Apa & Ama, for 9 years ever since her parents disappeared during an archaeological expedition into the ruins. They taught her about the wonders of the ruins, the dangers of the dungeons below and showed her how to set up warding charms to protect herself from evil spirits.

Despite being only 12 years old, Faye is the rightful leader of the clan but can only lead once she competes the Ruin Gylder’s Rite. Until then, her loving grandparents have been taking care of all the day to day dealings of the clan. A few family friends have stuck around, hoping that their clan will prosper once again.

Her grandfather Apa can be very strict at times, and often worries whenever Faye isn't in the camp. Sneaking out in the middle of the night was nothing new for Faye as she would often go down to the ruins, drawn by its splendor and tugged by its incessant calling, one that only she could hear.